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» Whole Foods CEO attacked rival online - Business - U.S. business - msnbc.com

Antitrust violations… for 7 KNOWN years (god only knows what other fake identities MACKEY took online to influence buy-outs over that period) HACKEY would be a more appropriate username for your future fake financial analysis online.   Violate the TOS/privacy policy of whatever site he was using = FTC/SEC penalties/federal pounding in the —- penalties.  Nice try Whole Foods CEO, hope that acquisition with wild oats (or whatever) was worth you, & your company’s reputation… Kinda screwed up, actually scratch that (since he is apparently still CEO despite this unethical attempt at saving $$$) -  make that REALLY messed up (read the link…)

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» "Demo iPads Coated In Dangerous Bacteria" - Umm... Apple, don't pull a BP on us now... get it together

Gawker sources Gothamist who reports that ipads in Apple stores after being swabbed for bacteria were laden with everything from staphylococcus aureaus (aka the shit that gives you a staph infection) to god knows what else. People, hygeine - not that hard. Apple, get some disinfectant windex or lysol - come on…

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Wally World goes Green

100,000 suppliers will soon be subjected to Walmart’s new green Rating system.  These suppliers products will be judged and rated according to what Walmart considers their ‘green friendliness’ rating (ex-are the vegetables grown using pesticides? = 10 points)

A company known for ‘aggressive expansion’ and ‘ruthless efficiency’ will enforce these green standards on suppliers by 2012.  CNBC Originals reports, if they aren’t compliant with Walmart’s environmental standards by then, they’ll be ‘cut off.’

Side stat: US LOCATIONS (Walmart) = 4200 | Worldwide Locations = 3700


Sources referenced: CNBC Originals (aired late 2009 on CNBC)

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Company Profile: CVS CAREMARK


o    surpasses Boeing, Target. Johnson & Johnson

•    LARGEST single buyer & dispenser of prescription drugs in the US

2007 Acquisition: Longs Drug Stores
Price: $2.9 billion

Result: extended retail operations to untapped areas from Maine to Hawaii
•    Stores: 7000 locations
•    Customers - CVS Loyalty Card = 50 million users

  • National Drug Chain with PBM

PLAN for 2009: Target those with chronic diseases and treat them in clinic to keep this target market out of the hospital (when the most medical costs are incurred)

Tom Ryan: “I don’t think our health-care system is broken, we are just spending too much and its unproductive.”

    • Of course he wants them there instead of the hospital, thus shifting the money to CVS instead of hospitals
  • Caremark - Unit Operations – PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Management)
    • handle large employer drug coverage/health plans.
    • negotiate with drugmakers
  • Prescription data – for more than a billion filled prescriptions a year a managed in such a way, to set firm up to figure out consumer behavior.
  • Run automated mail-order facilities – fill rate much faster than other drugstores are able to

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Company Profile: PFIZER (PFE)


•    Acquisition of Wyeth (Purchased for $68 billion)
o    Stockholders: this purchase has decreased any dividends you may get for a while
•    Lipitor – one of its top earning cholesterol drugs’ patent expires in 2011. Threatening their now steady 12 bil $ a year earnings off the drug.
•    2013 the company faces patent expirations on a large number of its money makers threatening 38% of the drug companies total sales.

PLAN for 2009: Cut 20,000 jobs
DRAWBACKS: Weak R&D, distribution channels = inefficient

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WATCHlist: ARAMARK - 340 million meals served…


  • "An international company specializing in food services for stadiums, arenas, campuses, businesses, and schools" (uniforms too).


Philadelpha based corporation, Aramark, has quite a lot of mouths to feed. One of its functions is providing meals to U.S. school children, and with 340 million meals served in 2008, the company up 27% from the previous year, keeping it at #198 in the Fortune 500 list for 2009.

We wouldn’t say its a definite add for your portfolio just yet, but we can say its on our WatchList for 2009.  Factors relevant in monitoring this stock’s performance include: commodity prices, food costs (rising drastically if farmers can’t start increasing the price at which they sell their crops - which will take a concerted effort by farmers worldwide to do - and thus very unlikely to occur), and their ability to diversify their services (and have greater profit margins) will prove key in making this stock a real money-maker.

Related: Company Profile

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WATCHList: Boeing

Assuming the statistic touted by Virgin Atlantic is true, that 90% of commercial aircraft were built in or between 1970-1980, the aging fleets are destined to wear down to spare parts (as evidenced by the increase in crashes - 25+ since January 1, 2009), thus it is a likely guess that new plans (and many of them) will be needed over the coming years.  So we’re putting our bets on Boeing to be a sure-fire long term investment hit.  Comment below if you agree or believe otherwise.

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Aramark - Company Profile

ARAMARK (Philadelphia, PA)

ARAMARK (Privately Owned)


  • "An international company specializing in food services for stadiums, arenas, campuses, businesses, and schools" (uniforms too).


Philadelpha based corporation, Aramark, has quite a lot of mouths to feed. One of its functions is providing meals to U.S. school children, and with 340 million meals served in 2008, the company up 27% from the previous year, keeping it at #198 in the Fortune 500 list for 2009.  READ FULL WATCHLIST COMMENTARY…


Fortune 500 Company (Rank #198 - 2008 & 2009)

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WATCHList: Starbucks & VIA (buy while its low)

Inbox: “New Starbucks VIA Ready Brew - We Found a Way!”

If I didn’t know any better I’d assume they had invented a new, revolutionary way of making coffee.  And being that Starbucks invented coffee in my mind, I would assume that this ‘Ready Brew’ (gotta love that they came up with a classier/snobbier way of selling something that’s been around for years) - aka instant coffee - was first created by them.

Starbucks brand image hasn’t changed at all in my mind.  People claim brand dilution is a big risk for this move, but I don’t buy into these negative claims.  The way I see it,down ecnomy – cant think of a better time than now, bravo of making the most out of the down economic situation.  Maybe people cutting back on buying starbucks will be buy VIA since they cant afford to buy the beverages hand made in the store, or maybe this will expose them to a market they’ve never played in before - the bottom of the line coffees on the Folgers aisle….

BUY NOW while its down -Starbucks (SBUX)– reason its down is because of people’s perception that the instant brand will somehow dilute their brand image. But this stock market mood swing will probably last a week and then go back up to its average value of around $9-$10/share.

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