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"Why Does a Salad Cost More Than a Big Mac?"

Answer: 73% of meat is government subsidized. 

Compared with 0.37% of fruits and veggies (see graphic below)

GOOD Magazine’s Andrew Price elaborates on this number noting that these subsidies, “make meat and dairy artificially cheap, so we end up consuming more of it than we should, and getting fatter.”

Food Pyramid view of Farm Bill Subsidies

Source quote: http://www.good.is/post/why-does-a-salad-cost-more-than-a-big-mac

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I heart infogrpahics - daily pic. Teens and cell phone usage.

I heart infogrpahics - daily pic. Teens and cell phone usage.

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Global Food Crisis goes into hyper-drive… thanks BP!

If you’re at all informed of current issues you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘global food crisis’ thrown around like global warming.  What you probably haven’t heard or thought of for that matter, is the effect the gulf oil crisis could have on said ‘food crisis.’  Oil prices go up (per fears of regulatory sanctions, etc & because they can) + Seafood from anywhere north of Central America (aka - the entire Gulf of Mexico) becoming either toxic or obsolete all together = lots of livelihoods down the tubes = lots of increases in seafood prices in addition to the oil cost increases = accelerated Global Food Crisis.  Welcome to twenty ten and beyond, get your boats ready for some rough seas folks.

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"How much water is in a latte?" - MIT Sloan Management Review

"Here’s the breakdown, by liters, of the water needed to make that latte:

0.1 for the water itself
2.5 to make the plastic lid
5.5 to make the paper cup and sleeve
7.5 to grow the sugar
49.5 to feed the cows that make the milk
143 to grow the coffee”

Source: How much water is in a latte? - Beyond Green - MIT Sloan Management Review

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19.5 million = Barrels of Oil Americans consume daily…

Marcie Dickson’s article “More of the Sound and the Fury on the BP Oil Spill” -May 4, 2010

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“ 4.9 billion pounds = Seafood Consumed per Year „
NOAA - citing a third of this seafood to come from Gulf of Mexico

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“ Good news Nawlins: “Officials say Crawfish won’t be impacted by oil leak” „
 via @nolacitybusiness

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» How to Links for Patent & Industry Searches + More - Website Profile

This list of links provides everything from industry info, to industry guide sites, to how to conduct patent searches.  A must stop site for those interested in gathering valuable industry information, as well as how to research to begin with.

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