I read a lot. I write a lot.
Subsequently, I think a lot about what I read & write
Now these notes are going live on the world wide web.
I like to think of it as 'plunging' the cr** out of news media, gathering facts and making occassional predictions (that are correct 97.8% of the time)

Nike’s Advertisement/Viral Youtube video whose #MakeItCount campaign inspires in words as much as its concept invigorates.  Enjoy this well done attempt to woo the web from Nike.

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OK-ness is the enemy of greatness. Journalist Joshua Foer illustrates why we must step outside of our comfort zones to achieve truly remarkable things….

Joshua Foer: “Step Outside Your Comfort Zone and Observe yourself Failing

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» invadeNOLA's recent project inspires as much as it promotes...

Kickstarter - InvadeNOLA Volume 2 - Great video to encourage inspiration & innovation among the cultural arts. Not sure if its enough for me to open my wallet and dish out cash, but a great advertisement nonetheless. Bravo, and if you have the funds to help, we encourage it of course.

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» TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

Every time I get restless with the hopelessness of everyday media, I turn to TED. Be it a speaker from 1995 or the present, they always succeed in selecting some unbelievable individuals, who somehow always manage to intrigue my intellect irregardless of their subject matter. Puruse their collection of high quality videos on the website above. Enjoy.

"TED: Ideas worth Spreading", yes indeed. Yes indeed.

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