I read a lot. I write a lot.
Subsequently, I think a lot about what I read & write
Now these notes are going live on the world wide web.
I like to think of it as 'plunging' the cr** out of news media, gathering facts and making occassional predictions (that are correct 97.8% of the time)

Nike’s Advertisement/Viral Youtube video whose #MakeItCount campaign inspires in words as much as its concept invigorates.  Enjoy this well done attempt to woo the web from Nike.

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Kevin Slavin: “How Algorithims Shape Our World" @TED

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OK-ness is the enemy of greatness. Journalist Joshua Foer illustrates why we must step outside of our comfort zones to achieve truly remarkable things….

Joshua Foer: “Step Outside Your Comfort Zone and Observe yourself Failing

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TEDxUIUC - Sherry Turkle - Alone Together (by TEDxTalks)

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'The Jazzfest of Entrepreneurs' - NEW ORLEANS ENTREPRENEUR WEEK - Online NEW ORLEANS Entrepreneur Week is here!! News cameras are already getting the scoop on what is sure to be an enlightening/invigorating week of bright minds and great ideas all in the city that flourishes daily in both, New Orleans…

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» invadeNOLA's recent project inspires as much as it promotes...

Kickstarter - InvadeNOLA Volume 2 - Great video to encourage inspiration & innovation among the cultural arts. Not sure if its enough for me to open my wallet and dish out cash, but a great advertisement nonetheless. Bravo, and if you have the funds to help, we encourage it of course.

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Get a sneak preview of “Fantastic Mr. Fox’s Great Adventure” at the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans

Hi-yah! Productions presents interactive puppet show: “FANTASTIC MISTER FOX” - opens March 12th and is the coolest thing a kid or adult will do in the year 2010.

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FLAVOR.ME is on the right track, simplicity in the land of the data overload is always reassuring. Needs a few tweeks to satisfy me 100 % but worth a test run. -mb

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Related Stories: NPR | AllTechConsidered - "Chatroulette: Risky, Revolting, Revealing And Revolutionary?"

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